Pollution free clean environment

The school site is within the main city campus connected with road and other communication channels, but the location is absolutely free from the problems of pollution and hustel and bustle of the city life. The clean environment will be congenial for academic atmosphere and it will have the ambience of a modern Gorukul.


Career counselling

 in the modern world where the country is going towards globalization and various employment opportunities are being opened up, a student without proper counseling from the professional career counselor may get confused and he/she cannot take a right decision about their future career. Sometime the parental pressure is also responsible for bringing stress and pressure on the children. Our school shall make the provision of career counseling through trained and experienced people.

Individualized teaching

Every child has its own personal problem. In the classroom teaching many a times the problem of children are not resolved. Frustration, backwardness in studies, indiscipline and such other problems crop up because a teacher-in a 40 minutes period cannot solve the individual problems. Therefore, the school has decided for remedial classes, self-study period with the guidance from the teacher.

Tour and excursions

For recreation, knowledge and general awareness, tour and excursions are considered an integral part of education. During vacations and tong breaks the children will be taken for long and short tours inside and outside the country.

Community service

Apart from work experience and the socially useful productive work (SUPW), the children will also be given exposure to the various kinds of social, cultural and community services so that they can become good and responsible citizens.

International exchange programme

Keeping in view our objective to make our school of international standard, the management has envisaged an international exchange programme with various western and other countries. Under this programme our children will go to the various countries and stay there for 15 days to one month and study their system, curriculum in those schools. Similarly the children from these countries will come to our school where they will integrate with our children and learn our education system values and culture.

Excellent arrangement of games & sports

A student becomes dull unless he is involved in various physical activities. For physical fitness and also for excellence in games & sports under the guidance of qualified coach and teachers, the school has made arrangement of major and minor games like football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, tennis, table tennis and other minor indoor games.

Tension free education and scientific evaluation without stress

One of the major drawbacks of our present education system is, it is examination oriented. The fate of a child is decided on the basis of one annual examination. Cramming without application of mind and the stress only on textbook reading are the results of defective evaluation system. The wold failure is a negative term. The evaluation of the progress of a child with a system of continuous evaluation system is an alternative method to remove these drawbacks. The school shall adopt a stress free evaluation system based on modern and scientific lines.


School Transport

Transport shall be made available on different routes for the convenience of the students. Management shall make announcement of transport arrangement at the beginning of the session.

School  Hostel

A boys hostel also available

Internet & school web-site

Keeping in view the importance and utility of information technology, the management makes its use with school web site, interact etc.


Professional, qualified & competent staff

Principal of the school shall be the key person in execution of the different plans and policies of the school with the help and co-operation of his colleagues. A principal is like a guide, philosopher and friend . Management shall give top priority in the selection of principal who has a vision of a good school and prepared to accept the challenges with a sense of commitment and total dedication Selection of teachers shall be totally without bias and any kind of compromise on quality and competence.